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To enable new players to access the wiki, the login script has been reverted to the original wiki login system. This means that website logins will no longer work. If you never had an original wiki login, or cannot remember the password for it, you will need to reset your password to be able to access the wiki - your old password is not in the wiki login system.

To be clear, your username is either your original wiki username, or your real name depending on when you joined the society. If you did not get to pick your wiki username, your current user name is your real name (e.g. John Smith). New players may register with whatever name they like.

If you're having problems logging in, remembering what your wiki user is, resetting your password, or editing pages, email the webteam for help

User self-registration has been disabled. To get an account set up, contact the webteam.

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The Isles of Darkness chronicle has been reset, and a new website is being implemented. This website is intended to include a character creation system and integrated wiki.

Unfortunately, the new website for the reset chronicle won't be finished for a while, but this temporary wiki has been put together for everyone to enthuse on, share their character ideas, and build ties for their characters.

There is no guarantee that anything produced on this wiki will be transferable to the new system when it is ready. This wiki has not been designed in unison with the new website, and features usable on this wiki may not exist on the final system. Be aware of this when creating content.

The registration system has been re-enabled to allow newer members to create accounts, but this also means spam bots can access the wiki. Please keep an eye out for them and report them if found. You may find that you can no longer access your account with your old user/password. Get in touch for assistance.

Adding Content

To add a character, go to Add Character and fill in the relevant form. All characters and character-related pages should only be added to the appropriate namespace, so please do use the form to ensure this is the case - this is to prevent page name clashes. If you want to add a page about your cabal, it should be called "Awakening:Cabal name" not just "Cabal name".

You can also use this wiki to detail relevant information (including the games available in the reset chronicle) for your domain.


Some help pages have been created to assist you with the use of the wiki. If there's anything you don't understand, feel free to get in touch.


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Looking For Ties


Looking For Ties


Looking For Ties


Looking For Ties


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